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Store all of your passwords in your mobile device easily and securely.




If you are looking for SIMPLICITY and SECURITY of use, as well as EASE in creating a BACKUP COPY of your information, 
Password Control is the application for you!

Have you ever needed one of your passwords and didn’t know where it was stored or just didn’t have it on hand?

Password Control provides you with totally secure access to your passwords anytime through your iPhone or iPod touch.

Start using the application from the very beginning! The easy-to-use animated screens are fully self-explanatory.


Password protected access to the Application
The passwords you enter are stored in the operating system keychain for maximum security
You can organize your passwords by groups
Make a backup copy easily, quickly and securely by email so you avoid exposing your data to servers that are out of your control
The backup copy is created in an encrypted file using an AES algorithm, and each file is protected by a different, individual password that no one knows but you
Enter or edit your password information with just a couple of taps on the screen
Passwords are hidden onscreen to avoid prying eyes
You can directly access your password-protected webpages whenever you want with a single click

Available languages: English and Spanish


If you have any questions, concerns or problems related to the application, please don't hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

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